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What are DoUp4Ways?

The interactive cushions that allow you to increase your child’s development while having fun family bonding time.

One side of the cushion is interactive and fun, but as the other side is plain so the cushion will also not look out of place with the home décor. “If you have two children of a similar age you can even play a game to see who completes doing everything up first” says Alfred.  It can really be a lot of fun !!

Why are fine motor skills important?

Fine motor skills are essential for performing everyday skills like cutting, self care tasks (e.g. managing clothing fastenings, opening lunch boxes, cleaning teeth) and pencil skills. Without the ability to complete these every day tasks, a child’s self esteem can suffer and their academic performance is compromised. They are also unable to develop appropriate independence in life skills (such as getting dressed and feeding themselves).

The DoUp4Ways cushion has been designed to help parents to support their children to learn and develop range of skills without them even noticing that this is what they are doing. 

Interactive cushions is the brain child of stay at home Dad Alfred Munroe who is the proud father of 4 sons aged from 1 year to 17 years. Being a stay at home Dad means that Alfred was the one who had to help the children to learn how to dress independently as well as teach them how to do up their buttons and tie laces on their shoes and trainers.

Alfred says “One day whilst taking my 6 year old son Kyle to school I noticed that there was a boy of a similar age to my son playing in the school play ground with his friends-and his shoe lace had come undone. Once he realised the little boy stopped playing and looked around for a teacher to tie his laces. Later that day when I got home as I sat on the sofa playing with my three year old with a cushion, I realised that on the sofa was all I needed to teach my son to tie his laces. The cushion we played with had tassels hanging from it and so I began a game showing my son how to tie his laces. After a few days I would walk into the room and see my son on the sofa watching the TV, but I noticed that he also had the cushion in his hand trying to tie the tassels together. This put me on the road to thinking how to use a simple sofa cushion that would not look out of place on the sofa to develop other motor skills. So thinking about what children tend to struggle with when getting dressed I came up with the idea of incorporating laces, zips, buttons and fasteners to the cushion adding to the theme of helping children and even adults to develop their fine motor skills.”

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