School pack for schools and organisations



The school pack includes:

  • DoUp 4Ways Cushion
  • 30 DoUp 4Ways Challenge cards
  • 30 DoUp 4Ways Badges
  • 1 DoUp 4Ways Carrying bag for cushion

The challenge card can also be downloaded from the website, from here . Note: The image is copyrighted and is not to be used in any other promotional material other than in conjuction with DoUp4Ways.




Education is a stepping stone to achieve great things and it starts with enjoying play.without the child even knowing that they have required this skill.

Fine motor skills are essential for a child that has entered the world of education in helping the child with various skills one being penmanship. The DoUp4Ways cushion helps to support with defining the child’s fine motor skills in a fun way. Education should be fun for a young child from learning various lessons throughout life. A child feels a great satisfaction when they have reached that milestone of being able to accomplish getting dress by themselves without having to ask for help. With educating the young we look for ways to help the child to reach these milestones.

The DoUp4Ways cushion has been designed to help parents and teachers to support the development of early school learning and to develop a range of skills without the child even noticing that this is what they are doing. One side of the cushion is interactive and fun, but as the other side is plain so the cushion will also not look out of place with the home décor. “if you have a group of children at circle time you can even play a game to see who completes doing everything up first” It can really be a lot of fun !!

The challenge card

But we don’t just think it is down to the teachers to help children to achieve these four skills in a fun way, parents can also get involved. Teachers can let the pupil take home the DoUp 4Ways cushion for parents to help their child with trying to complete the DoUp 4Ways CHALLENGE.

What is the DoUp 4Ways CHALLENGE each child is given a card with the four components on it. When a child has completed one component to a satisfactory standard the parent or teacher will tick the box. When the child has completed all four components they will be rewarded with the DoUp 4Ways badge.

The school pack

Why are fine motor skills important?

Fine motor skills are essential for performing everyday skills like cutting, self care tasks (e.g. managing clothing fastenings, opening lunch boxes, cleaning teeth) and pencil skills. Without the ability to complete these every day tasks, a child’s self esteem can suffer and their academic performance may be compromised. They are also unable to develop appropriate independence in life skills (such as getting dressed and feeding themselves).

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